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Project Mankind Podcast

Thomas Jusayan & Jim Slaughter

Project Mankind is a men’s discipleship ministry that focuses on aligning men's ideologies, spirituality, and principles with God's Truth through Biblical Principles and the Love for Jesus (The Word). We discuss topics that are relative in today's society; topics on family values, sex, politics and religion. We speak on issues that men often struggle with daily, but may have difficulties sharing, and expressing their emotions. Issues such as addictions, sins, personal struggles, family matters, money, dating, relationships, divorce, bondage, dealing with hurts and pains from our past and many more. We give practical advice in these areas through personal stories and testimonies. We help disciple one another as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28, and empower men to find their identity in Christ once again, as citizen's of God's kingdom, and discover their purpose as leaders with Kingdom authority.