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Knowing The Heart of The Master Part 2

August 04, 2023 Thomas Jusayan & Jim Slaughter Season 2 Episode 4
Project Mankind Podcast
Knowing The Heart of The Master Part 2
Show Notes

In these episodes we interviewed a good friend, ministry partner, leader and  founder of, and founder of, Raul Andres Garcia. He shares his journey as 26 years old, CEO, and ministry founder of how the word of God through someone who prayed over him at a church service changed his life forever.

Join host Thomas Jusayan, and author, and counselor Dr. Jim Slaughter in their conversation with Raul on how this young man became a believer and an obsessed disciple of Jesus Christ after a traumatic childhood experience that turned his believe of God into becoming an atheists'. He shares his story on how he was redeemed and delivered through his experience and unbelief to becoming a child of God.

Brief Bio on Raul Andres Garcia:
His organization deep love ministry provides and serves the communities of Fort Worth, and Houston in providing for the unsheltered that requires basic necessities, prayers, and support from the kingdom community. Through this ministry hundreds of people are lead to Jesus, baptized, and shown love just as it is written in Matthew 25:40 every week through the love Christ shared through other believers and volunteers. 

Raul Garcia's company Best Bodies For Life is a meal replacement shake supplement that is available on all central market stores, HEB, Jewel Osco, and many more. Check out his amazing weight loss journey and personal story on his website at

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