Project Mankind Podcast

"Grace" Is Not The Girl Next Door - Part 1

March 10, 2024 Thomas Jusayan & Jim Slaughter Season 3 Episode 1
Project Mankind Podcast
"Grace" Is Not The Girl Next Door - Part 1
Show Notes

In today's episode we have a guest co host (John Stolwyk). John is a good friend of the ministry, he is an evangelist, teacher, and author of the book called Inward Embrace of Grace (the Inner Dynamics of Grace from a New Covenant Perspective) (Title link to book)

Join host Thomas Jusayan, and co-host and author, and counselor Dr. Jim Slaughter in their conversation with John Stolwyk as he shares his journey during the start of his conversion, and how the holy spirit transformed and renewed his mind that separated him from religious Christianity, to a true relationship with The Father through His Grace in Jesus Christ. This transformation, and revelation of The powerful Grace of God that leads us to repentance is what launched his ministry, and a start of a new life in Christ.

Brief Bio on John Stolwyk:
John has four years of biblical studies in both the Old and New Testament, including Greek and Hebrew. He holds a degree from Davis Bible College in Johnson City, New York, and an engineering degree (cum laude) from Broome Community College. Along with his forty-five years of self-study, John has proven his insatiable desire for the truth of God's Word. John also teaches on a regular basis at Power Based Living in Southlake, Texas, and on his podcast ministry available on Podbean called  Eminent Grace for Daily Living


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